Bronze Age

Filakopi, apart from being an important center of Cycladic culture, is also considered one of the first cities in Europe with a history of over 1500 years.

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Archaic Age

With the abandonment of the Filakopi, the settlers united with the previous inhabitants built a new city in the area of Klima.

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Classical Age

In the Persian Wars the Milians fought together with the rest of the Greeks against the Persians.

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Hellenistic Age

Milos after 311 AD passes to the rule of the Macedonians and then the Antigonids and Ptolemies of Egypt.

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Roman Age

During Roman rule, the development of the island continued thanks to the maintenance of peace in the further exploitation of mineral wealth.


Byzantine Age

After the division of the Roman Empire into western and eastern, Milos passes to Byzantium.

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Venetian & Turkish Domination

Milos together with most of the Aegean islands are conquered by Marco Sanoudos, who founded the Duchy of the Archipelago with Naxos as its capital.

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Modern Greek Age

Milos was the third island in Greece to revolt against the Turks.

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