At the religious fairs of Milos you have the opportunity to taste traditional snacks and local Melian wine, to dance and have fun listening to the traditional island music.

Festivals are organized in the yards of churches and chapels often during the summer and more specifically on the following dates:


  • Holy Spirit (50 days after Adamas) in Holy Triniti, Adamas


  • 1 July in Aghious Anargyrous
  • 6 July in Aghia Kyriaki
  • 17 July in Aghia Marina, in Adamantas
  • 19 July in Profiti Hlias, in Chalaka and in Komia
  • 21 July in Aghia Markela, in Kipos
  • 25 July in Aghia Paraskeui, in Pollonia
  • 26 July in Aghios Panteleimonas, in Plakota and Korfo
  • 27 July in Aghios Panteleimonas, in Emporiou


  • 14 August Assumption of Virgin Mary, in Zefiria
  • 15 August Aghios Charalambos in Adamantas
  • 17 August Aghios Floros, in Komia
  • 22 August Mary the “Curing”, in Komia
  • 22 August Mary of Kipos
  • 22 August Reveled Mary, in Tripiti
  • 26 August Aghios Fanourios, in Pollonia
  • 28 August Aghios Ioannis, in Agrilies and Provatas
  • 29 August Aghios Alexandros, in Katsouli
  • 31 August Pantokratora, in Mytakas and Bonfires of  August in Tripiti’s square.


  • 6 September Aghios Sostis, in Provatas
  • 7 September Mary Mercyfull, in Psathadika
  • 8 September Mary of Hilltop, in Plaka
  • 13 September Holy Cross, in Kaneria
  • 17 September Aghia Sofia, in Halakas
  • 16 September three day celebration in Aghios Ioannis, in Halakas