Project Description

Yachting is the perfect way to discover the hidden beauties of Milos because in this way you can go to wonderful bays and secret beaches, enjoying your holiday freely and autonomously.

Moreover, because Milos is within a short distance from the rest of the Cyclades, you can combine your holiday in Milos with a visit to the rest of the neighboring islands.

In Adamantas harbor a modern jetty has been created giving you the possibility to supply yourselves with water, fuel, free internet connection, to go shopping, buy drinks, ice etc. There are also restaurants, taverns, cafeterias, busses, taxis for tours on the island and there is access to health services (community clinic).

Alternatively we suggest you anchor:

In Saint Demitrios bay, south of Milos, as it offers good protection from the yearly winds. In Pollonia, located in the south side of the Milos-Kimolos Narrows, precisely after Cape Pelekouda. (Attention to the islets on the north and on the south of the entry). In Voudia bay, which stretches almost 1 mile southeast of Pollonia.: You can anchor in a depth of 5-8 meters, in the north angle of the bay or northwest in Psilonisi to be protected from the yearly winds. In Provatas, a big, two-headed bay in the south side of Milos and in Axivadolimni, it is ideal [to anchor] only when the weather is good. In Rivari, a closed bay in the southwest side of Milos’s bay. The depth to anchor reaches 3-4 meters  and we recommend it as a refuge from the south winds. In the northwest side of Emporio bay, which is a big bay in the west of Milos gulf, open from east-northeast.