Project Description

The island’s sailing round by boat or by yacht is a unique experience you must have while visiting Milos.

With the sea trips you have the chance to visit the beaches which are not accessible from land (the famous “Meteora Rocks of the Sea” or Kleftiko, the emerald-colored Sykia cave, Glaronisia and many more other beaches), to swim into the crystal clear waters of also inaccessible magic beaches, to admire the island’s mineral wealth, to explore the secrete caves or to visit the neighboring islands.

There are plenty of boats, caiques and yachts suitable for sea trips and you have the luxury to choose the one you prefer according to your needs and mood. Most of the vessels depart daily from the jetty of Adamantas port. Some of these go on a sailing tour around the entire island visiting also the neighboring island of Kimolos, whereas most of the yachts go to a few beaches, but then there is more free time for swimming and taking photos and usually during these tours, meals are offered. Moreover, besides Adamantas, caiques depart also from the beach of Kipos to Kleftiko, caiques depart from Pollonia to Kimolos, the cave of Papafragas and Glaronisia.