Project Description

In the centre of Trypiti village stands the magnificent church of Saint Nikolaos.  In was built in 1888 in the spot of another smaller church, based on the designs of Saint Nikolaos church in Syros.

The decor of this church is rich and remarkable. You can see its marble icon screen (by the marble sculptor G. Kaparias from Tinos), lovely woodcuts, the old 17th century iconostasis, an iconostasis and a bishop’s throne by G. I. Laoutaris and an pulpit by Emmanuel Markantonis from Milos. Also, you can admire the great icons by Emmanuel Skordilis and by other artists of the Cretan School, which were brought from Palea Hora (the island’s medieval capital).

Also, it is worth mentioning that this church presents an architectural paradox, since due to lack of sufficient space, its length is smaller than its width.