Project Description

The monastery of Saint John the Siderianos (Aghios Ioannis Siderianos) is located in the southwest side of the island, in Halakas. The date of its establishment and operation remains unknown even though it is mentioned in documents since 1582. Its architecture is that of a basilica with dome and this church is quite spacious, very well preserved and it is surrounded by many cells of different dimensions for the housing of its pilgrims. Saint John’s icon which is inside the church, is a very old one and it is said to have been painted by the Evangelist Luke.

This monastery was named after one of Saint John’s miracles. According to folklore tradition on the feast of Saint John, pirates showed up and the people trying to save themselves from their raids, were locked into the church and there praying intensely  full of with tears to Saint John, they asked him to secure the door with iron so that the pirates would not enter. Their prayers were answered and finally the pirates did not manage to open the church door. Then, a furious pirate climbed up on the church’s dome, aimed at the pilgrims with his gun and tried to shoot them. Then, Saint John caused the paralysis of  the pirate’s hand and the gun fell into the church, where it is kept till the present day along with other religious objects.

The miracles performed by Saint John do not end there. In the Second World War, an English war ship threw  an bombshell to a German fort in the region, which lodged in the church wall. The bombshell did not explode and it can also be seen today inside the church.

Visit this church and later on enjoy your swim on the magnificent beach of the like sands. Also, should you visit Milos around the 25th of September, which it the feast of Saint John the Siderianos, do not forget to participate in the great festival in honor of Saint John Siderianos which lasts many days.