Project Description

In the center of Zefyria, you will see the church of Panaghia Portaitissa or Portiani, an old Melian cathedral. The church of Panghia Portiani, united with the church of Saint Haralampos is the only preserved church in the Old Hora of Zefyria.

The name “Portiani” possibly comes from the castle’s gate that existed near the church. The destruction of the city from an earthquake in the 18th century (during the Turkish occupation) signaled also the abandonment of the church. So, in 1864 the icon of Panaghia Portiani, other icons and parts of its inner rich decor were placed in the new church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (or Saint Haralampos church) in Adamantas.

The Sacred church of Panaghia Portiani (Panaghia=the Virgin Mary) is part of  the 2nd Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture and it is protected as preservable monument. In it you can see remarkable old frescos and amazing relics.