Project Description

In the west side of Plaka, on craggy rocks, in 1810 the church of Panaghia Korfiatissa was built. The location is known as “Halara”, and the space in front of the church is known  as “Marmara”, due to the fact that the churchyard is paved with marble tombstones from the old city.

Visiting the church dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary or Panaghia Korfiatissa, apart from the wonderful view of the sea and the spectacular sunset, you can see relics from the island’s old deserted churches, Cretan-Byzantine icons from the churches of Zefyria, holy relics kept in small silver boxes, the woodcut gold-plated icon screen, as well as the gold-plated epitaph dated from 1600 from the church of Panaghia Skiniotissa, which was brought from Smyrna.