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Milos thanks to the volcanic activity and the meta-volcanic hydrothermal action has a lot of hot springs, well-known in antiquity for their therapeutic powers. Characteristically, Hippocrates in his book E’ “On epidemics” refers to the therapy of an eminent Athenian who suffered from a skin disease and who was cured at the Hot Springs of Lakkos in Milos. Furthermore, the French professor  of Botanic Pitton de Tournefort refers to the island’s  hot springs in his “tour” texts in 1771.

The island is full of hot springs of different temperature and water composition. Below you can be informed of the most important ones:

–          Lakkos Adamantas Hot Springs

Temperature: 33-41C, depending on the sea level and the weather.

Composition: Thermal mineral sulphide, ferrous, chlorinated

–          Haros Adamantas Hot Springs

Temperature: up to 85 C

Composition: chlorinated, alipiges (hot springs)

–          Alikes

Located north of Aliki in a low cave with a narrow entrance. The spring is chlorinated and it flows into an one meter deep pit which is full of water and mud.

Temperature: 28-40 C

Composition: chlorinated, radioactive

–          Provatas

Temperature: 65-90 C

Composition: sulphur, fumaroles 

–          Paliohori

Temperature: 65-90 C

Composition: sulphur, alipiges (hot springs)

–          Tria Pigadia

Temperature: 33-41 C

Composition: alipiges (hot springs)

–          Kanava

These waters are in the southwest side of the P.P.C. plant and they cure arthritis.

Temperature: up to 50 C

Composition: chlorinated, alipiges (hot springs)

–          Skinopi

Temperature: up to 41 C

Composition: alipiges (hot springs)

At the above beaches (Alikes, Provatas, Skinopi, Paliohori, Tria Pigadia, Kanava), in the places where hot springs exist, you will see fumaroles gushing within the sea water and you can enjoy your swim completely for free all year round.

However, out of all the hot springs, the only exploitable and recognized as a therapeutic spa-spring of a healing importance, is that of “Lakkos” in Adamantas, which is mentioned in Hippocrates’s works.

The hot springs of Lakkos  are located in the left side of Adamantas harbor, in a cave of 15m and their features are the following:

The features of “Lakkos Hot Springs” are:

  • Thermal mineral 
  • Sulphur 
  • Chlorinated 
  • Water temperature: 35-41 C 

Their therapeutic indications are:

  • Chronic rheumatism
  • Arthritis
  • Myalgias
  • Neuralgias and in general peripheral nerves diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Gynecological diseases

The hot springs of Lakkos are opened for spa-treatments from the 15th of July till the 15th of October, from 9a.m. till 1p.m.