Project Description

Milos has the biggest network of accesible dirt roads and paths of Cyclades.

Paths lacking signs and are not organized, but according to the route you are going to choose  you will have the chance to go through volcanic formations, archaeological sites, traditional chapels, old mines, beautiful beaches and in general meet and enjoy through those routes the natural beauty and the long cultural tradition of the island.

Tripiti – Catacombs – Ancent Roman theatre – Profitis ilias – Old baptism area – Black wall – Aphrodite of Milos: Reaching the village of Tripiti , optionally you can go up the hill to see the windmills and the amazing sea view. After that you go downhill to the catacombs, where if you have transportation vehicle you can park it there. After you see the catacombs, going up the stairs for the return, you will see on your left a path. You are taking it and it will lead you to the Ancient Roman Theatre. From there you follow the path on your right and after you find yourself on top of the Ancient theatre make a turn on the small dirt road on your left. It won’t be long till you reach the location Three Churches where the baptism area is located and when you do so you will continue walking towards the small chapel of Profitis Ilias which is going to be visible on a hill top in front of you. You will pass through a field and you will have to go up about 50 stairs which will lead you at the chapel where the magnificent view will make it worth your while. On your return you will follow the same road that took you there and keep going towards the baptism area until you meet an information sign that will point you to the location where Aphrodite of Milos discovered.

Alternative Route: Tripiti – Catacombs – Ancient Theatre – Klima: You follow the route mentioned above until you reach the Ancient Theatre. After that you go down the stairs that are located on the opposite side of the theatre and lead you to Klima. From Klima to tripiti you can follow the main tarmac road or alternatively go up the stairs on you left and go through from the chapel of Agia Paraskeui in order to go back to the catacombs.      

Plaka – Panagia Thalassitra – Kastro : On the slope above the capital city of Plaka is the location of Panagia of Thalassitra. The distinctive coat of arms of crispy’s family will make it easily recognizable. Going up the stairs you will find yourselves on Castle top where you can enjoy magnificent view and experience romantic sunsets.

Pollonia – Filakopi : Near the village of Pollonia you will find Filakopi, one of the most important cities of prehistoric agean sea. There you will find ruins of the magnificent cyclopean wall so as ruins of the settlement that used to be there in ancient times.

Katsogria – St George – St Marina – Rivari – Empourios: This route is located in Western Milos. This is a route for nature lovers and it’s a part of Natura 2000 network. It starts from Rivari lagoon and ends in the small port of empourio.

Zefyria – Agia Kyriaki beach ( Length about 5 kilometers. Duration: 2 hours):   Route starts from Zefiria and goes to the airport and islands greenhouses. It continues through the Stoloi area in between 2 hills – parts of the volcano. Soon after that there a special scene which resembles a grass field and with a bit of search you will be able to locate geysers. Very close from that location you can find the beach of Agia Kyriaki.

Filakopi – Papafragas – Pachaina – Agios Konstantinos – Mitakas – Sarakiniko – Mandrakia (Length 9 kilometers. Duration : 3 hours): On this expedition you will have the chance to see the infamous Sarakiniko and Papafraga, the archaeological site of fylakopi which is the starting location, and the beautiful settlement of Mandrakia where you will end your expedition

Cape Vani (Old mines) – Agia Marina (length 12 km, duration 5 hours): This route starts from the old ferro manganese mines at Cape Vani. You will walk down the dirt road of Xerokampos towards Ampourdektaki ( located near Agios Dimitrios bay) and you will continue towards the hunting path which will lead you close to empourio. From there ( central dirt road ) you will reach Rivari lagoon, Fatourena and in the end you will go up towards Agia Marina.

Manager: Giorgos Mallis

Cell Phone: +30 6978 585478