Project Description

In Adamantas region you can visit “Milos Conference Center –Yiorgios Iliopoulos”, which is open all year round and it hosts up to 450 members.

The conference center “Yiorgios Iliopoulos” is housed in a building of wonderful architecture, an old plant for  the processing of kaolin dated from 1925, which was restored based on criteria of great aesthetics respecting its industrial architecture.

The Center is built and equipped according to the most modern standards and apart from the conference rooms there also administration offices, a special room for the Press, an Internet room and a fully equipped medical center, whereas the places that are to be used by the audience are all accessible to people with special needs. In the grounds of the Center there are parking lots for 100 vehicles, and a security fencing to accommodate the space surveillance. Moreover, Milos Conference Center is of a fully technological support, it has two simultaneous interpretation rooms, the most modern audiovisual and telecommunication means as well as a skilled personnel. For the coverage of the conference demands there are two major operational areas, the central building A, the main room  that can accommodate up to 400 members depending on the seats’ arrangement, and an adjoining building B of multiple usages, the “EURIPIDES MAUROMATTIS WING”, where, apart from the auxiliary facilities, there are also three multiple usage rooms (B1, B2, B3).

The main room of the building A can be divided with a portable partition into two separate and fully soundproof rooms (one for 280 members (A1) and one more for 120 members (A2)), thus offering the possibility to choose between a big united space or two separate smaller ones. Additionally, in the same room there is a balcony of a 60 people seating capacity, and it should also be noted that there are possibilities for open-air activities in an extremely pleasant environment.

Apart from hosting  conferences and happenings organized by third parties, the Center’s activities include the institution of “Milos Conferences” (Milos Meetings) to which special attention is drawn. Within the framework of this institution, conferences  are organized planned for the appropriate interaction environment between the academic community branches and the business world, aiming  at the spreading of scientific and technological knowledge.

The additional activities of the Milos Conference Center include  the organization of courses of traditional arts (e.g. mosaics and ceramic art) and the hosting of recreational and educational happenings (cinema, music concerts, theater performances, lectures, ping-pong games etc.)

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