Project Description

This church is located behind Adamantas port, on the village’s highest point. It was built by Cretan refugees in 1870 and it was named after the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Portaitissa (old cathedral of the island) and the church next to it, Saint Haralampos. These two churches were situated in the island’s old capital, Zefyria, from where the woodcut icon screen and the old icons of this magnificent church were transferred.

The church’s architecture is that of a three-aisled arched with a dome church and its dome is built on the semi-cylindrical vault of the middle aisle. In the churchyard you can admire a mosaic by Ioannis Kavroudakis, made of Melian pebbles, representing an eagle flying eastwards. On its lower part, between the dolphins, there is the emblem of the community of Adamantas .

In the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary or church of Saint Haralampos (the locals call it “Saint Haralampos church”), you will see icons of Cretan-byzantine art from the destroyed churches of Zefyria, the woodcut icon screen and the precious icon of the Virgin Mary, covered with sheets of silver.