Project Description

The church of Saint Spyridonas is the central church of the village Triovasalos and it is united with the church of Saint Marina. The church of Saint Spyridonas is very interesting as it is of a special architecture with four big arches. In it you will see icons from the ruined churches of the old Zefyria city, as well as the icon “The King of Kings” painted by the well-known hagiographer Skordilis.

When you visit the church of Saint Spyridonas or the church of Saint George on Easter Sunday, you can watch the ‘’burning of Judas”, a custom dated from the early Christian times and which is revived until the present day. This custom is combined also with the custom of “baroutiou-gun powder” as the young people of the two villages, of Triovasalos and Pera Triovasalos, throw dynamites in a space between the two churches, each one contesting for the title of the winner. The winner is the village that will make most of the noise and that will blow up most of the dynamite.